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What is a Digital Sign?
Digital signs are electronic displays, such as LCD or LED monitors, showing business ads or information.

What are the benefits of advertising on a digital sign?
• Increased advertising return on investment (ROI)
• 10x the eye contact of traditional print ads
• Save up to 80% over standard media
• HD high impact message
• Environmentally friendly

What is a host location?
A host location is the place, often a business, where the digital sign is located.

Can I advertise on a display locations that are the same type of business as mine?
Due to conflicts of interest we do not allow this practice.

Does my business need to get approved by the host location before I can advertise on their screen?
Yes, prior approval will be obtained by Presto Ads.

What ad content is prohibited?
All adult content and profanity are prohibited.

How much exposure time will my ad get?
Your ad will be 30 seconds long and will be on the screen every 10 to 15 minutes.

What is the maximum number of ads per TV?
The maximum number of ads that we can upload to a PRESTO digital sign is 30. Your 30 second ad will play every 15 minutes. Currently our digital signs are at 75% capacity, which means your ad will play every 10 minutes.

Are the displays on 24/7?
Yes and No, the displays are turned on during regular business hours of the host location.

Can I change or update my ad during the length of the ad campaign?
Yes, but variable fees will apply. Contact us for more information.

Can I have more than one ad being displayed on a single screen?
Yes, but each ad has its own fees. Contact us for more information.

Can I have different ads on display at different locations?
Yes, but each location has a separate fee.

Can I switch my ad from one host location to another during the length of my ad campaign?
Yes, but variable fees will apply. Contact us for more information.

Who creates the ads?
Only Presto Ads can create ads for its digital signs.

Do you offer other advertising and marketing services such as logo design and website design services?
Yes, we do offer other advertising and marketing services. Please visit for more information.


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